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Upload your own non-life insurance document or download this sample and then upload it here here for free to review how a DocVac account configured to extract insurance information works.

Or download a Tesla earnings release or a fairly generic simple document or upload one of your current documents here to review some of the key data in the doc where there is no account configuration at all.

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Image: Mr. Bnie using his customized data extraction contraption

Image search documents

Search Documents

Perform fast, high-volume document searches with accuracy and minimal human effort, from the simplest to the most complex document. Searches can be constructed from the ground up, making text data embedded in documents of your business usable at a low cost.

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Image financial statements

Financial Statements

Optimize data extraction for financial statements or other table formatted documents to have the data directly inputted into data tables or .csv (Excel) files. Try uploading Tesla's recent earnings release in our free demo email to see how this can replace manual data input.

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Save big with our 50¢ per document processing fee. Once a search is configured to your liking, the entire processing process is automated, saving your business significant time and money.

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Designed for the Enterprise

Integrate our Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure powered web services with your existing IT systems, at the same low cost as using our website.

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We charge 50¢ for a typical document , a savings of at least 90% compared to having a human review the document.


$5 / mo

  • 50¢ +/doc fee
  • Simple text search
  • Table extraction

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$50 / mo

  • All Basic features, 50¢ +/Doc
  • Configurable directional search
  • Artifical intelligence search setup
  • Doc classification
  • Reference docs $10/doc/month
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$500 / mo

  • All Gold Features, 50¢ +/Doc
  • More artifical intelligence
  • Advanced search configuration
  • Reference docs $10/doc/month

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