Need Help Uploading?

Here's some information that will help you use our free demo email (on the homepage).

Upload a sample document. It's a good starting point.

We provide sample documents (found on homepage) to show you exactly what our paid services can do. Other documents can be uploaded too, but we recommend uploading documents similar to our provided ones. Our paid services offer highly customizable data extraction for virtually any type of document.

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Table Extraction. Optimized for financial statements.

Table optimized extraction is useful for documents like financial statements, where data is aligned in rows and columns. When you click “Optimize for table extraction/other tables” on the demo email form, you will receive your data in table format, as well as a .csv file for each table uploaded (demo limited to 3). Costing about 50¢/doc, this powerful tool can slash costs and automate data input for your business.

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Normal Extraction. For all the other documents.

Unless you have a table formatted document (see above), you will want to have the “Optimize for table extraction/other tables” unchecked on the demo email form. The free extraction email will automatically interpret relevant data from the uploaded document, which can be customized from the ground up with our paid services.

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