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DocVac Use Cases

Some common usage scenarios (use cases) where DocVac can be helpful:

1. Financial statements, or other documents containing tables that can be run in table extraction ...

MySearch - DocVacGold / Enterprise Document extraction involves the creation of both plain text content for each page, and XML content which contains the coordinates of a data element e.g. the word COMPANY is located 1" up and 1" ... more
Web Services

With DocVacBasic, DocVacGold or DocVacEnterprise, you can upload documents, check on their status and retrieve information about documents using our web services.  Our documentation ...

DocVac Basic vs. DocVac Gold vs DocVac Enterprise

DocumentVacuum provides two offerings that you can use -  DocVacBasic and DocVacGold, with a third option DocVacEnterprise which is invitation only for existing DocVacGold users and not ...

Using OCR

Optical character recognition or OCR allows text to be extracted with varying degrees of accuracy from images.  A PDF that contains embedded text can usually be extracted with 100% accuracy, ...

Raw Text Extraction

Raw text extraction where you look for a word like 'COMPANY' can be accomplished in two ways.  95%+ of the time, the best way is to search the raw text (that you can view in MyDoc - ...

Search - OneDocMaster Document level searches use a number of OneDocMaster (odm), each of which uses a OneDoc procedure (odp). Each odp uses zero or more list names and zero or more OneDocKeyTermGroup (odktg) items. ... more
Search - OnePageMaster Page level searches use a number of OnePageMaster (opm), each of which uses a OnePage procedure (opp). Each opp uses zero or more list names and zero or more OnePageKeyTermGroup (opktg) items. ... more
CSV Files

We provide comma separated value or CSV extracts in a number of places to help users download and review tables of data in Excel or other spreadsheets.  A few things to note - firstly, ...

Billing - DocVacBasic & DocVacGold

Monthly Fees

A monthly account fee of $5 (DocVacBasic) or $50 (DocVacGold) is charged and is payable in advance.

Reference Documents

For ...

Financial Statement / Table Extraction

Document Vacuum's table optimized extraction mode is suitable for documents where text contains rows of information containing numerical data formatted in columns that are ...

Excel to Consume Web Services

Excel 2016 (at least Windows version) can be used to consume Document Vacuum web services:

Data - New Query - From Other Sources - From Web

Select Advanced

DocVac Dictionary of Jargon

In describing how DocVac works, we use a lot of jargon, mostly relating to the underlying structure of how our document extraction works.  In an effort to explain at least some of it, here's ...

Anonymous Mode Email

When you upload a document in Anonymous mode, the contents are returned in an email containing a series of XML with four nodes in each:

<Page> - the page number from which ...

Setup Docs

All the entries created by uploading a document in setup mode can be edited in the same way as manually created entries by going ...

Key Term Search with Wildcards

You can wildcards to a key term to refine your searches of XML data.  We'll describe the character set used by DocVacBasic here; DocVacEnterprise has two additional character sets ...

Combining Multiple Docs into One Doc

If you have multiple JPG/TIF/PNG files that represent the same document, you can combine them as if they were one doc.  This is not currently supported for PDFs.  So for example, if you ...

Web Services - Ws - PDocDetailApi.GetPddList

Sample C# code to use the web service - similar code will work for all the web services except uploading documents.  Note the ability to loop through model validation ...

Upload Mode

There are 5 modes of uploading a document:

1. Simple mode - a plain text search to find words e.g. COMPANY in a document and store the page number where found.

2. ...

External Software & Services

We are very grateful to a number of individuals and organizations whose software and services help power

Microsoft for its C# language, .Net Core 3.1 and .Net 5 and ...