DocVac Basic vs. DocVac Gold vs DocVac Enterprise

DocumentVacuum provides two offerings that you can use -  DocVacBasic and DocVacGold, with a third option DocVacEnterprise which is invitation only for existing DocVacGold users and not offered to non-customers (we don't have a sales force and RFPs go in the shredder).  

DocVacBasic provides two upload modes - simple mode and table mode. 

DocVacGold uses all five upload modes.  Using AI powered setup mode allows a complex search strategy to be quickly created.  In addition, reference documents provide a variety of benefits, including the ability to validate that a given search produces the desired output.  A lightly customized version of DocVacGold provides the data extraction of insurance documents for

The per document pricing is standardized and depends only on the number of pages in a document.  Because of this, there are some limitations on computationally intensive searches, for example double wildcard searches e.g. [*]COMPANY[*] where we look for the word in each Pdrx in the document.

Last modified: 4/14/2021
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