Upload Mode

There are 5 modes of uploading a document:

1. Simple mode - a plain text search to find words e.g. COMPANY in a document and store the page number where found.

2. Anonymous mode - identify a trio of different data types in the document together with search terms and a direction between the two e.g. for dates we might have an entry along the lines of {"DATE OF BIRTH", “12-31-2000", ”look right"} where we had little idea when uploading the document as to what we might find.

3. Table mode - this is a special version of anonymous extraction where  the results are optimized for extracting financial statements or other tables containing numerical data.

4. Directional mode - after creating and editing entries in MySearch, extract information from the document that is of particular interest to the user e.g look for the text DATE OF BIRTH and if found look to the right for a date - unlike an anonymous search, we know what we want to extract.  Directional searches use one of 24 functions to accomplish this and include a variety of different approaches to digging out data from ugly documents.  These searches can vary both with the type of document and the author of the document.  

5. Setup mode - a document uploaded in this fashion creates entries similar to anonymous mode and then creates entries in MySearch.  A user can then go in and edit these entries so that future searches produce the desired search results.  Enterprise users can score the output of reference docs as a means to ensure that a given search produces the desired results.

Last modified: 2/9/2021
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