Anonymous Mode Email

When you upload a document in Anonymous mode, the contents are returned in an email containing a series of XML with four nodes in each:

<Page> - the page number from which the information was extracted, starting at 1.

<ParsedValue> - the information of interest extracted from the pdrx XML in the document.

<DataType> - either one of a number of fixed data types e.g. integer, email etc or a custom data type where there appears to be a list in the document e.g. data type = "Dog Breed", values = {"Basset Hound", "Beagle"}.  More info here.

<SearchText> - the text used to find the parsed value, with the general idea of searching on the search text to find data points of interest.

There are different modesof upload.  With an anonymous upload, the data type of string shows the longest dictionary recognized words found.  With normal and anonymousAuth mode (user logged in), the string values represent items of interest to the user.  The default search of [*]COMPANY[*] results in all strings containing the word "COMPANY" being returned.

Last modified: 3/28/2018
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