Financial Statement / Table Extraction

Document Vacuum's table optimized extraction mode is suitable for documents where text contains rows of information containing numerical data formatted in columns that are somewhat aligned.  The output can be accessed either through a browser with the ability to download table content into a csv file for use in Excel or similar applications, or through web services for programmatic access. 

Table extraction can be a cost effective way of extracting high quality data, by virtue of relatively low per month and per document transaction codes, and because the configuration required to successfully extract tables of numbers is substantially less than that required to extract individual data elements, such as Total Assets.  As a DocVacBasic or DocVacGoldUser, a variety of customizations can be made to improve the accuracy of the data and the extent to which fixable data errors are corrected.  The classifications of text data into standardized labels, such as Income Statement, can also be customized.

Last modified: 7/10/2018
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