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Page level searches use a number of OnePageMaster (opm), each of which uses a OnePage procedure (opp). Each opp uses zero or more list names and zero or more OnePageKeyTermGroup (opktg) items. You can review a list of OnePage procedures and their associated list names here
and a list of your opktg here

The OnePageProc fall into a few categories: (A) directional searches using RowClassXmlSimple or one of the numerous more complex directional searches; (B) direct searches where there is no search term at all e.g. RowClassXmlAddressDirect; (C) cleanup functions e.g. OpmcReplaceStart where the text content of XML cells is cleaned up prior to identifying matches; (D) logic checking on the pdrc created e.g RowClassXmlListCheckSum.

Any list names associated with an opp ultimately use one or more opktg and generally it is desirable to create the opktg before created a new opm. So for example if are doing a simple search using RowClassXmlSimple to find date of birth, we might set up a new opktg with two OnePage key terms (odkt) of DATE OF BIRTH and DOB. We then create a new opm and specify that the newly created opktg is to be used for the keyTermsStarts list name property of the search. The list names are needed to distinguish the correct mappings when there are multiple odktg for one odp.
Certain list names for a given opp are generally but not always required. In particular, keyTermsCustomString is only required when dealing with custom data types. keyTermsStringStructure is used for data types StringFixed and StringFixedInt and also for opp RowClassXmlStringDirect.

Last modified: 6/26/2021
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