CSV Files

We provide comma separated value or CSV extracts in a number of places to help users download and review tables of data in Excel or other spreadsheets.  A few things to note - firstly, commas are removed from the data to allow a comma to be used as a delimiter between one column of data and the next.  Secondly, the fields are not always identical to those shown on a web page, often there are fewer in the web page to make it easier to view.  If the data being viewed is also retrievable using a web service, we generally try and make the data in the CSV export identical to the data (except for the removal of commas) that would be retrieved using a web service call, in an effort to make it easier to use the web services.  Finally, the relative page numbers are often shown on a web page, page 1, 2, 3 etc of the document.  In the CSV file and web service, the actual id stored in the database is used, so the page numbers might be 78477, 78478, 78479 etc

Last modified: 10/27/2018
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