Billing - DocVacBasic & DocVacGold


Monthly Fees

A monthly account fee of $50 (DocVacBasic) or $75 (DocVacGold) is charged and is payable in advance.

Reference Documents

For DocVacGold, a monthly fee is charged for reference documents equal to the greatest number of reference documents that exist at any point in the month.  The first reference document is free, and subsequent reference documents are charged at $25 per document per month.  So if the greatest number of reference documents existing at any point during the month is 5, the incremental charge for reference documents is $100 for that month, and the total monthly fee including the account fee but before per document charges would be $175.

Per Document Charges

Documents of 10 pages or fewer are charged at 50c per document.  Documents of greater length incur a 5c/page charge for pages 11 and onwards, so a document with 15 pages total would be charged 75c.  If 100 such 15 page documents were processed in the month, the total per document charges for the month would be $75 and the overall monthly charges with 5 reference documents before any tax would be $250.00.

Web Services Usage Charges

These are designed to be minimal or zero if the web services are used correctly.  More information can be found here.

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