Web Services - Class - PDocDetailNc


PDocDetail provides key fields from the classes PDoc and PDocRuntime used by DocVacEnterprise.  Of note, the file prefix and file extension created when a file is uploaded may not match the exact details from the original file, certain characters are removed, a "tiff" file extension may become "tif" etc.  In addition, when a file is successfully uploaded, a list of PDocDetails is returned.  The PDocId will not change, if you store this value for each uploaded file, you are guaranteed to be able to retrieve the results, if any, for this file.  While the PDocRuntimeId will not technically change either, it is possible that a new PDocRuntimeId will be created in the case where embedded text cannot be extracted from a PDF file, and the file is processed as an image instead.  This second PDocRuntimeId will be associated with the usable data extraction results, if any.  For this reason, PDocId should be used as the key to retrieve data and the DocVacBasic web services are designed with this in mind.

public class PDocDetailNc
        public int PDocRuntimeId { get; set; }

        public int PDocId { get; set; }

        //optional field that can be used to store an additional id
        public string EntityId {get; set;}

        public int PDocExtractionModeId {get; set;}

        public int PDocStatusId { get; set; }

        public string FilePrefix { get; set; }

        public string FileExtension { get; set; }

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