Web Services - Class - PdrxDataTypeNc


PdrxDataType contains a list of the PDocRowXml data types for a user and essentially combines two separate lists (1) a standardized list of data types e.g. integer (2) a list of custom data types specific to the user that are created from the reference document(s) uploaded.  

The standard data types are grouped into categories, so for example, data type AddressCity belongs to the data type group Address. The meaning of the standardized data types should be generally clear.  A long data type for this purpose is a 64 bit integer that is not a 32 bit integer i.e an integer bigger than 2 billion or so.

A custom data category might be something like "DogBreed" with values "Beagle", "Basset Hound" etc.  A DocVacBasic user can edit these values and add or remove additional items to an existing list.

PdrxDataTypeNc is a simplified version of PdrxDataType.  A list of data types can be retrieved with the web service GetPdrxDataTypeNc.  The structure of PdrxDataTypeNc is as follows:

public class PdrxDataTypeNc
        [Display(Name = "PdrxdtId")]
        public int PdrxDataTypeId { get; set; }

        [Display(Name = "PdrxdtgId")]
        public int PdrxDataTypeGroupId { get; set; }

        [Display(Name = "Data")]
        public string DescriptionShort { get; set; }

        //true means this is a custom field
        public Boolean Custom { get; set; }


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