DocVac Basic vs. DocVac Gold vs DocVac Enterprise


DocumentVacuum provides three distinct offerings, DocVacBasic, DocVacGold, and DocVacEnterprise.

DocVacBasic allows document level text searches and table extraction in anonymous mode. 

DocVacGold uses the information in one or more reference documents to configure searches for a user behind the scenes, setting up most of the underlying configuration that needs to occur.  The per document pricing is standardized and depends only on the number of pages in a document.  Because of this, there are some limitations on computationally intensive searches, for example double wildcard searches e.g. [*]COMPANY[*] where we look for the word in each Pdrx in the document.

DocVacEnterprise allows the ground up construction of searches that are more complex in terms of a number of factors (a) document classification by document type and company (author) (b) search strategy that uses document and company classification (c) scoring of reference documents to validate that they extract correctly when search entries are modified.    A lightly customized version of DocVacEnterprise provides the data extraction of insurance documents for

For more information on DocVacEnterprise, please sign up and use DocVacGold first or contact us.

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